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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Meeting with Producer of "How to Hook Up Your Home Theatre"

I recently emailed both director's of the new goofy short that is playing at the Chicago Children's International Film Festival. I actually got a response from the Producer, Tamara Boutcher, of the short. We get to meet and chat with her after the screening on the 20th! Here's the email she sent regarding a possibility to have an email chat with the directors of the short:

Hi kristine, Stevie forwarded your mail on to me. I am the Producer of "how to hook up your home theatre" the short that will be screening at the festival. Unfortunately, the directors will not be attending the scrreening on the 20th, but I will be there and would love to say hello to your group. Let's talk then about setting up an email "chat" with stevie and kevin. We may also be talking to some colleges in the area and I will have more up to date information about that on the 20th too. Thanks for your interest in our project. Cheers! --tamara

So WIA chicago- if you are attending the screening on that Saturday morning, please let me know so I get a count. I will post directions to the theatre here later this week, it's actually at the DAVIS theatre on the North end of the city. See you all at the screening and start thinking of questions you might want to ask!

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Celina Barajas said...

YES!! I finally will be able to go to an event. Count me in!