Women In Animation Chicago Chapter

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Meeting

Hi all, our next meeting will be Thursday, October 21st at the Flattop Grill located at 30 S. Wabash. Meeting time is 6:30. See you all there!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meeting and other info

A reminder that our meeting is this Wednesday, the 19th, at 7:00 at the Artists Cafe on Michigan Avenue. We have Ed Hooks as our guest speaker who will be giving us a mini workshop on Acting for Animators. I have a reservation under my name, and I believe they are moving us upstairs for more privacy and room. Any questions please email me at chicagowia@gmail.com

In other news. Domani Studios is in search of freelance animators and interns. Contact Sunny Byers at sbyers@domanistudios.com.

Thanks, Maria

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker for our Wednesday, May 19th meeting will be Ed Hooks. See you all there!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Meeting Change and Info

Hello Ladies,

Ok its official...our meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 19th at 7:00 at The Artists Cafe 412 S. Michigan Ave.

To recap our last meeting:

We had a special guest join us, Othello Bach, who shared her wonderful books and story with us. I highly recommend checking out her website at Othellobach.com and reading her story on how she got started, and take a peak into her enchanting books. She is an author as well as a motivational speaker, and boy can she motivate! Also check out Bachmorristechnologies.com, they are currently looking for freelance animators for future and present projects.

We discussed getting started on broadening our WIA horizons and talking to students at the colleges about our group and what we do. I am working on putting together an information sheet as well as membership sheet which we will leave for the students. I also plan on working on getting some contacts at each of the schools, so any suggestions would be great! Members have agreed to visit the schools to talk about our group, our future fundraiser/festival and leave information for the students.

Concerning our fundraiser/festival, we started to discuss how to go about putting this together and what each of us envision for the event. We talked about having a contest with students work where a panel of professionals from schools and studios would judge. Also inviting studio heads to participate by offering portfolio reviews as well as discussing how to get employment with them, etc. Silent auction and raffles. An area where members can display their own work and network with other animators and artists. There is a lot of discussions to be had about all of this and how we are to go about putting this all together. I am awaiting word about the money we raise and how it is allocated. That was one of the concerns which I hope to address at our next meeting.

As far as the money we raise goes, we all shared the same hopes of being able to use some of it to send members to the yearly meeting in California, as well as other events and festivals across the country. That will obviously be in the far future, but we have to start somewhere and I would love to see a Chicago WIA representation at some of these film festivals as well as the WIA yearly meeting.

So, our next one on the 19th will be a continuation of the above as well as any new information or work members would like to share. I am working on another guest to join us, but wont tell you all until it is confirmed...a little teaser. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions please email me..thanks and see you all soon!

Maria Ricciardi

P.S. Also don't forget about Ed Hooks Acting for Animator workshop on May 22nd. It will be from 10:00am to 5pm and will definitely be educational. For more info contact edhooks@edhooks.com

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Acting for Animators

Ed Hooks is teaching an Acting for Animators workshop on May 22nd from 10am-5pm. for more information:
This was sent to Chicago WIA by Othello Bach:

Bach Morris Technologies Corp is seeking estimates for 30- and 60-second animated commercials. We're looking for ballpark figures only. Detailed specifics are not necessary. We just need a general idea at this point.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meeting on March 25th

The next WIA meeting is at 7pm on Thur. March 25th at Club Lucky. Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coloring the Kingdom

I have a copy of this article and forgot to bring it to the WIA meeting. Kristine, our roommate, found it online-
Coloring the Kingdom

Behind the breakthrough magic of Walt Disney’s first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and his other 30s and 40s classics—Pinocchio, Fantasia, Bambi—toiled as many as 100 young women, the inkers and painters, working from dawn to dusk on thousands of cels that brought his dreams to life. The author recaptures their white-gloved esprit de corps, and a golden age of Disney that would be disrupted by strike, World War II, and, eventually, the Xerox machine.......


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meeting Feb. 25th

The next WIA Chicago meeting will be:

February 25, 2010 at 7:00 PM.

Club Lucky
1824 West Wabansia Avenue, Chicago, IL

This is an important meeting- part 2 of the last one. We'll be doing elections. I hope to see you there!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Meeting Jan. 28th 7pm

Here's the official email Katy sent out regarding the next, and very important meeting:

Our next meeting will be:

Thursday, January 28, 2010'
7:00 PM
in the basement of the Corner Bakery near the Palmer House
35 E. Monroe, Chicago, IL 60603

Hope you all can attend. This is an important meeting for the future of the chapter as we will be holding elections for Chair, Board member, Secretary and Treasurer. I will be stepping down as Chair.
So if you would like to take an active part in our Chapter, please consider volunteering for one of these positions!
As always, please feel free to email me with any questions at katykalata@yahoo.com.
Have a safe and happy holiday!