Women In Animation Chicago Chapter

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Flip Books

Hi all! Okay so I know that during the summer we agreed to do flip books, so I was wondering if any more people have done flip books? I would like to collect them in the next WIA meeting on November 14th. If you have done one and would like to do another please feel free to. Just in case, the flip books should be 8.5 X 5.5, enter left and exit right, also please number your pages and write how many frames the pose is going to hold for, so when I shoot them, there won't be a mix up. Thank you.


Celina Barajas said...

I still have my unfinished flipbook. Since I have moved, I can't find it but I know I still have it. I really don't want to make a new one, so as soon as I find it, I'll drop it off. Muchas gracias for taking care of all this.

Anonymous said...

Flippies makes custom flip books