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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lets see the FIRST Disney Short to be Directed by a Woman!

OK so I got a hold of the Chicago International Children's Film Festival screening schedule for this year! It's not online YET but the library had one of the handy paper schedules.

I came across two things that should be seen, one of which is a landmark short of sorts.

Proposed Date and time of Event:

October 20th
10:30 a.m.
(that's a Saturday)
Davis Theatre
4614 N. Lincoln Ave.

The film we'd get to see is called The Three Robbers. There's a official trailer courtesy of youtube here.

Itlooks quite beautiful. Of course when they screen it here, it will be translated.
It was recently mentioned in Cartoon Brew here

Even better, they're screening the new Goofy short "How to Hook up Your Home Theatre" before it. This short was made in the old short style, and it's gotten great reviews. And oddly enough, it's the FIRST DISNEY CARTOON directed by a WOMAN!! Maybe we can find a way to get her to talk to us? An interview perhaps? Even an interview/Q&A by email?

Stevie Wermers-Skelton is her name and she directed the short with Kevin Deters
Stevie's "resume" and contact info
Here's a link to a bit about her and Kevin Deters, courtesy of Ottawa Film Fest. It's at the bottom of the page

They both will be in town doing a workshop for the Children's Film Festival on October 27th from 11 am to 1 pm. I'm not sure but maybe we can see if they can do a quick q&a and see if the animation department at columbia will let us have it there.

Cartoon Brew's article on Ottawa & the Goofy Short

And then there's this wonderful interview with Andreas Deja and Mark Henn who animated this short here

We should buy tickets in advance


Sarah Satrun said...

Wait a minute- There has NEVER been a Disney short directed by a woman until NOW?! Wow. Kudos to her.

Yeah, let's try to get a group of us together to go see it. That would be cool to try to contact her about speaking to our group....

k. borcz said...

ok, I can work on seeing if they (figure we should have both directors if we can) can do a short talk with us unless you do it. I know they're going to be in town on the weekend AFTER the short, definitely because they're holding a workshop. We can email them regarding their schedule, and we should also find a good meeting space. Maybe the animation department would want to knock something quickly up at Columbia?

Catherine Satrun said...

That would be great if you can do that!

Amada Rosas said...

I keep looking at this preview. It looks great. I just wish I could understand what they were saying. LOL