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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A friend of mine needs some help!

My friend is a music teacher and she's got a really small group of kids from California coming into town. I'm unavailable to help that weekend. So here's her email to me, please let me know if any of you are interested in helping out, I'll give you her telephone number.

I am interested in having the St. Mary’s students participate in an art project at Lincoln Park Zoo. I’d like it to start off with a description of what the artist does when he/she decides to draw animals. Then we spend some time in the zoo drawing. Right now, we have six 6th-8th grade students signed up. I’ve had a few more parents and students express interest. This art program could be on Friday, Sept. 28 or Sunday, Sept. 30. On Sunday, we need to be at O’Hare by 4:00 so we should be done at the zoo by 2:30. I am in the process of scheduling two other arts events so any flexibility in their schedules will be most appreciated. Otherwise, I’ll fit together as much as I can!

Like I mentioned on the phone, normally we don’t travel with this few students so we are on a very tight budget and a free art lesson would be most appreciated. We’re taking the trip this time because 3 of the kids are playing in VanderCook’s Middle School HonorFest.

If your friends are interested, would you please ask them to call me

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