Women In Animation Chicago Chapter

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Hello again. Here is an update on the flip books. I have collected four flip books already and they all look pretty good. Also, it turns out that I will be working in the Animation cage until the end of July, so that provides extra time. Let me know when you guys can drop them off at the animation department so I can give someone a heads up if I am not around. Thanks.
Hi all! For those who are doing the flip books, if you are finished with them can you please bring them to Columbia College as was previously posted, because the Summer semester is almost over so I won't have access to the lunch boxes. The last day will be July 13th. So if possible please bring them in. You can either drop them off at the Animation Cage or Animation Office. Thanks!
Drawing brought to you by Jennifer Nelson.


k. borcz said...

I can't wait to see them!! :)

Amada Rosas said...

Hey all. I will hopefully have a DVD or VHS by Friday with the flip books that I have currently. YAY! ^.^