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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sita Sings the Blues

***Edited- I just noticed on the site that the show for this Sunday has changed from 12:45 to 12:15.***
I just found out that Sita Sings the Blues will be playing very soon at the Chicago International Film Festival!!
Here's the info from their site-

Nina Paley
Animator Nina Paley interweaves the Hindu epic Ramayana with a modern divorce story with surprising ease in the visually engrossing Sita Sings the Blues. Each aspect of the story has its own unique look, and songs by jazz singer Annette Hanshaw heighten the emotion throughout. The bright colors, easy humor, and vital music combine to make the film an impressive, inventive feat. 82 mins
10/18/08 4:40 PMRE9
10/19/08 12:15 PMRE5
10/28/08 6:15 PMRE9

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