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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Women's Portrayl in Film and TV

There's an interesting article on AWN about the portrayal of women in tv and movies. Gender In Media: Females Don’t Rule Please take the time and read it. If not, at least read the quotes below-

"Historically, there are multiple reasons why female lead characters are less abundant than males in the television, film, and animation industries. Male writers and/or creative talent were the predominant architects in the building of the animation industry; and, as many writers do, they wrote from the perspective they knew, observes Helppie...."

"'And as more female executives came to the forefront with the power to greenlight productions or oversee creative storylines, stronger female identities and less stereotypic portrayals were encouraged. The networks and children's broadcasters also pushed to have more engaging, leadership-driven, and less stereotypic, female roles in their programming.'"

After giving sad figures on the lack of women in the industry, Dr. Smith adds, "Maybe the answer is that for change to occur even more women are needed in the creative process where key decision-making occurs at the pitch and story development level...."

author- Jane Nagel

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Patach said...

I wonder why New Media Art seems to be dominated by men?

You don't see such overwhelming male dominance in Fine Art. And that's probably why Fine Art seems to have such diversity in topics, especially contemporary art.

New Media Art seems to have a problem with being too genre-y.