Women In Animation Chicago Chapter

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring :D

Spring is here! (despite the snow) We're trying to put together more meetings, sketchcrawls, and a social. So, please check back in a week or so for April's event(s).

Also, like Katy said, please think about what you want to do for the meetings- speakers? demonstrations? events? also, where do you want the sketchcrawls?



Anonymous said...

A meeting/ sketch crawl. We can meet somewhere plan what we are going to do than go around and sketch crawl. Or maybe that would be to much??? But I wouldn't mine a sketch crawl out in the open city air.


Caitlin Lehman said...

We should have another sketchcrawl around the millenium park area, or maybe the lake front. (Assuming Chicago has not plunged into a wintry hell for the rest of eternity)