Women In Animation Chicago Chapter

Monday, June 4, 2007

June Meeting Reminder

Hi all! The next meeting is next week- Wednesday, June 13th at 6pm. Thanks to Amada, we have a better meeting location (at least for this meeting) We'll be meeting in the conference room on the animation floor at Columbia College- 4th floor in the animation offices- 1104 S. Wabash Ave. Here's a link to a map- http://www.colum.edu/About_Columbia/Maps.php (it's #3 on the map)

Please bring any flipbooks you've done or are working on. We'll discuss how we're going to shoot them. Also, as usual, please bring any ideas you may have for future activities!


k. borcz said...

Oh sweet! thanks for the reminder

Celina Barajas said...

My flipbook still isn't finished (been working at the hotel and at calabash) but hopefully will be done soon. Also, just to let everyone know, if you are hungry before the meeting, you might want to stop off somewhere before coming. There aren't any good food options inside the building (except vending machines). :O) C U All next week!


Thanks for the reminder! I will finally be joining you all again. :) And, I do need some advice on the flipbook that I'm working on. :) :) ;)

Amada Rosas said...

Reminder to all. The flip book is 8.5X5.5, enter left exit right with your animation and it is about 60 frames long. It can be less or more but not to much ^_^! I'll be collecting them tomorrow to shoot them.