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Sunday, May 27, 2007

John & Bill Show/Sketch Crawl

Thanks to the few who showed up yesterday for the John & Bill show and our sketchcrawl! It was a much smaller crowd than we expected due to the rain and it being a holiday weekend. Here are some photos from yesterday:
Here we are waiting to get in. We tried to take a pic of ourselves..you can see how that turned out!
that didn't work, so I took the photo!

Meet Bill Plympton and got a group pic:
Then Kristine showed up, so we got another:
Meet John K.
After the 1:00 show, we were really hungry and started the sketchcrawl getting pizza:

We turned on Batman at the pizza place.

Here are some doodles i did:

We'll have to have another sketch crawl soon with nicer weather!

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Celina Barajas said...

Thanks soooo much for posting all of those pics and your sketches! I felt like I was there, lol. Yeah, sorry I couldn't make it. My parents and grandparents came up to Chicago unexpectedly, so had to be with the family. I definitely want to be at the next event. We look so much for official now that we have pics from an actual animation event, lol.