Women In Animation Chicago Chapter

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Feb. Meeting

The first meeting of 2007 will be Thursday, Feb. 1st at 6pm. We will be meeting at Chicago Place on the top floor. It's at 700 N. Michigan Ave. Please bring any ideas you may have for WIA. Hope to see you there!

Also, if you did not recieve an invitation to join the blog and would like one, please e-mail us at sketchyduo@hotmail.com with WIA blog as the subject line. Happy blogging!


bluelily17 said...

Yea!!!!!!!!! I'm having trouble with blogger....I've already got a page, but I had to start a new account to post here. anyway. See you all at the meeting! I used to work at 700 north. It will definitley be uncrowded.

Celina Barajas said...

It was great seeing everyone at the meeting on Thursday! I thought it was very productive. Can't wait till the next one!